Concordia International College
E-Learning Scholarship Program

Concordia International College has decided to accept scholarship applications for our E-Learning course. Applications will be assessed by a selection board of the International Education Department and granted on a case by case basis. This is a great opportunity to gain financial assistance from Concordia International College and we are more than willing to aid students who we believe will gain the most from this course and their careers.

Please note that scholarship funding is limited.

If you wish to apply for this scholarship, you must take the following steps.
  1. Download and fill out the application form (MS word file) download
  2. Provide a digital copy of your school transcripts (post secondary, in the form of a scan or clear digital photo)
  3. Write a 200-300 word personal statement on why you should be granted a scholarship.

All of the above files should be attached and emailed to Applications will be processed within 1 or 2 weeks and candidates will be contacted by email. Scholarships will be awarded as a percentage of the total tuition fee for the E-Learning program that you have chosen the Concordia International College. Applicants will be evaluated according to the information provided in the application form, transcripts, and personal statement.

All applicants will be contacted by mail.

If a scholarship is granted, it will be presented through email as an official digital document.
Scholarship winners will be required to complete registration within 15 days of receiving their scholarships.

Please email any questions about scholarships or other topics to