Our Programs

We provide students the opportunity to achieve academic and professional success in an international society by presenting a comprehensive and supportive educational experience.


(Diploma in Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages)
Our TESOL course will equip you with the theory and skills to teach English as a second/foreign language at a number of different levels. The course covers a number of different ESL/EFL philosophies and approaches to teaching and attempts to discuss them in relation to current and relevant contexts. The course aims to teach the trainee teachers to develop and adapt materials and resources and encourages them to become independent, creative and flexible teachers.


(Diploma in Teaching English To Children)
Our TEC course focuses on teaching methods for age groups two through twelve, and the different developmental stages of children. Instructors focus on a variety of TEC methodologies, classroom disciplines, and combination of methods which work best in TEC classrooms.


(Diploma in Translation & Interpretation)
DTI(Diploma in Translation & Interpretation) is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and skill for bilingual individuals to pursue their professional career as translator and interpreter. Graduates of the course will have the necessary skills to begin their career in the said field as they will be able to approach English and their second language in a new perspective. A valuable experience earned from DTI program will become a great asset for one to have in any career.

Business Development (BDEV)

The Business and Development Program at Concordia International College is designed to help students identify and define the different types of diversity in the workplace and other organisations to keep up with our changing global environment. It offers practical tips on how to better understand, embrace and manage business diversity to create a more productive organisation. This Program is also designed to help students understand the basic knowledge about the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and the foundation of business communication in a global workplace, why it is critical to business success, and how to effectively communicate using different communication channels.